• 5 September 1946

    Farrokh Bulsara is born in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

  • 3 March 1947

    Wins the Baby of The Year Award.

  • 1954

    At the age of eight, Mercury is sent to study at St. Peter's School, a British-style boarding school for boys in Panchgani near Mumbai, India.

  • 1958

    Aged 12, he forms a school band, The Hectics, and covers artists such as Cliff Richard and Little Richard.

  • 1963

    Freddie and his family leave Zanzibar due to the Zanzibar Revolution. The Bulsara family relocates to a house in Feltham, Middlesex, England.

  • April 1970

    Mercury joins guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor who had previously been in a band called Smile.

  • 27 June 1970

    The first Queen concert at City Hall, Truro, Cornwall.

  • March 1971

    Bassist John Deacon joins Queen.

  • 29 June 1973

    Freddie, under the name Larry Lurex, releases the single 'I Can Hear Music'

  • 6 July 1973

    The first Queen single is issued, 'Keep Yourself Alive'.

  • 13 July 1973

    Release of the first Queen album, also called 'Queen'.

  • 16 April 1974

    Queen start their first tour of the USA, supporting Mott The Hoople.

  • 17 April 1975

    Queen arrive in Tokyo to begin their first tour of Japan. All four members are visibly overwhelmed to discover over 1,200 screaming fans gathered to welcome them. Freddie will later cite Japan as his favourite country, and his shopping expeditions there will become legendary.

  • 22 May 1975

    Freddie receives his first Ivor Novello award for 'Killer Queen'.

  • 31 October 1975

    Freddie's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' gives Queen their first number 1 single in the UK charts.

  • 21 November 1975

    Queen's 'A Night At The Opera' album is released and is their first number 1 album in the UK charts.

  • January 1976

    Freddie receives his second Ivor Novello award for 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

  • 6 October 1977

    Queen film a promo video for Freddie's 'We Are The Champions' single and the fan club are invited to make up the audience.

  • 18 October 1977

    Queen are invited to attend the first Britannia Awards (later changed to The Brits) hosted by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) who present the band with an award to the 'Best British single for the past twenty-five years' for 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

  • 31 October 1978

    Queen throw their most outrageous party to date for the world premier of the 'Jazz' album; with over 400 people, it takes place at the Fairmont Hotel in New Orleans and includes an elaborate assortment of entertainment.

  • 7 October 1979

    Freddie performed 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' with the Royal Ballet.

  • 23 February 1980

    Queen's 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love', written by Freddie, goes to No. 1 in the USA, it stays there for 4 weeks.

  • February 1981

    Queen is the first internationally renowned rock group to tour Latin America, playing two series of rock concerts in big stadiums.

  • 7 November 1981

    Queen's 'Greatest Hits' album is released and goes on to become the biggest selling album of all time in the UK.

  • 25 September 1982

    Queen appear on the American television program Saturday Night Live. They perform 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' and 'Under Pressure' on this hugely successful live TV show watched by millions. The performance proves to be the band's last ever live performance in the USA.

  • 10 September 1984

    Freddie releases 'Love Kills', his first solo single (under his own name).

  • 29 April 1985

    Freddie's first solo album 'Mr Bad Guy' is released.

  • 13 July 1985

    Queen play Live Aid. The performance has since been voted by a large selection of musicians and critics to be the greatest live show of all time.

  • 5 September 1985

    Freddie throws his most infamous party yet. He takes over the night club 'Henderson's' in Munich, decorates the whole club in a black and white theme, asks all friends to dress in drag and films the party to make the promo video for 'Living On My Own'.

  • 6 May 1986

    Dave Clark releases his album 'Time', based on the musical of the same name. Freddie appears in two songs, including the title track which is released as a single on the same day. During the 'Time' recording sessions Freddie meets Mike Moran, who will be a essential part of his later projects.

  • 9 August 1986

    Queen play their last show with Freddie at Knebworth Park in Stevenage, in front of 125,000 fans.

  • 23 February 1987

    Freddie's version of the classic 'The Great Pretender' is released as a single.

  • 26 October 1987

    Freddie releases his first duet single 'Barcelona' with Montserrat Caballé.

  • 14 April 1988

    Freddie's last ever live performance on stage, alongside Cliff Richard, for a special gala performance of the 'Time' musical at the Dominion Theatre in London's West End to raise funds against AIDS.

  • 10 October 1988

    The 'Barcelona' album, recorded with Montserrat Caballé, is released, to critical acclaim. It will be re-issued in 1992.

  • 24 November 1991

    Freddie's struggle against AIDS ends when he passes away at his home just over 24 hours after publicy announcing he had the disease.

  • 20 April 1992

    The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert takes place at Wembley Stadium, in front of an audience of 72,000 and millions of TV viewers, which gave birth to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the AIDS charity set up in Freddie's memory by the remaining members of Queen and Freddie's Executor, Queen manager Jim Beach.

  • 16 November 1992

    Worldwide release of 'The Freddie Mercury Album', a compilation of previously known solo tracks and new remixes (in USA and Canada it is issued as 'The Great Pretender' six days later).

  • 19 July 1993

    A remix of 'Living On My Own' gives Freddie his first posthumous number 1 solo single in the UK charts.

  • 6 November 1995

    'Made In Heaven', Queen's final album with Freddie is released and goes on to be the band's highest selling release.

  • 25 November 1996

    A 3-metre high statue of Freddie is unveiled in Montreux overlooking Lake Geneva. The statue includes the legend 'Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs'.

  • 23 October 2000

    'The Solo Collection' box set detailing Mercury's solo career is released. The 12-disc set includes ten CDs with albums, singles, collaborations, numerous rare tracks, interviews and a disc of instrumental versions, as well as two DVDs with his promo videos and a documentary feature. Also, his two original studio albums are re-issued together in 'Solo', a CD set with a bonus EP.

  • 5 September 2006

    Freddie's 60th Birthday is celebrated will a special performance of the Queen + Ben Elton musical We Will Rock You. Brian and Roger perform 'Love Of My Life', 'Say It's Not True' and 'The Show Must Go On'. The previous day sees the release of 'The Very Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo', a compilation of hits, rarities and remixes (issued as single and double CDs); both DVDs with the videos and the documentary are also re-issued.

  • 5 September 2010

    Named the Greatest Rock Legend Of All Time by OnePoll.com. The Mercury Phoenix Trust launches a worldwide initiative called Freddie For A Day encouraging fans to dress as Freddie for a day and in doing so raise funds for the charity.