Freddie For A Day was the brainchild of Liz Swanton, web editor of the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the AIDS charity set up in Freddie's name in 1992. In real life she's a City of London Banker and she raised over £1,200 by spending a working day dressed as Freddie. Starting her day at 6am on the tube in London in full Freddie gear, she went on to have meetings, a business lunch and even a visit to the gym dressed as 'Wembley Freddie'.

It was such a wonderfully whacky idea that we decided to make it an annual event. It's fun, it's slightly crazy AND it raises money for the charity which is spent fighting HIV/AIDS worldwide.

So in 2010 the Freddie For A Day initiative was launched: a celebration of Freddie's life which is held every 5th September, Freddie's birthday, and aims to bring people together to dress up as Freddie to raise awareness and funds for the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

Fans around the world celebrate Freddie For A Day in every way imaginable. Some go the whole hog like Liz: a music student in the Ukraine has taken to the streets two years running to perform in full Freddie dress, as well as going about his usual day at college and even interviewing the Rector!

A carpenter from the UK has spent Freddie For A Day on a building site with his moustache and MPT collection box. A karaoke aficionado in San Francisco organised a brilliant Freddie sing-along, a Mexican restaurant in New York sold 'Mercury' margaritas and in Japan a flash mob of moustachioed commuters took over Shimbashi Station SL Square in Tokyo.

The list goes on young and old, people have donned a moustache and gone out for drinks, gone to class, gone shopping, taken the train, taken the plane, put on a concert or run a mini-marathon dressed as Freddie. Freddie For A Day is happening around the world and the numbers are growing.

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Affiliated charities

The Mercury Phoenix Trust and Freddie For A Day have also partnered with charities from around the world, helping them to put on their own Freddie For A Day event to raise awareness as well as funds for their own AIDS related projects.

FFAD awareness day organised by Azafady, Madagascar

AIDS testing and awareness evening by
Association AIDES, France

Dios Salve a la Reina concert in aid of
Fundación Huesped, Argentina

Preparing tshirts for the Azafady awareness event, Madagascar

FFAD fundraising concert organised by Círculo Aparte, Peru