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Peter "Phoebe" Freestone answers questions from fans as well as posting personal memories and photos from his many years as Freddie's personal assistant.

*Answers will be published on this web page, they will not be sent by email. Please note that Phoebe will answer questions at his discretion – depending on their originality and interest for others. Some questions will remain unanswered if he is snowed under.

About Phoebe

Peter 'Phoebe' Freestone was born in Surrey, England on 8th January 1955. He spent his first 6 years south of London then started in a boarding school, Lushington Hall in Southern India. After 5 years he returned to UK. Finishing his education in 1973, he worked in Selfridges, the department store, in London. The Catering Management Training Scheme was created around him and he was made the youngest assistant manager, 19, until that time. 1975 drove Peter in a different direction, when he started work part-time at the Royal Opera House in London. He moved to full time employment with the Royal Ballet running wardrobe in 1977, where he met Freddie Mercury for the first time in 1979.
The friendship between Freddie and Peter started the day he started working for Queen in November 1979, and the assistant job started in 1980.

Peter remained with Freddie Mercury until Freddie's death in 1991, travelling with him all over the world.

Since that time, Peter has worked in Guy's Hospital, London, run a small hotel, and been an administrator for a medium sized opera company amongst various other jobs. He is also the co-author of two books about Freddie Mercury. Since 2007 he is part of the Association montreuxmusic, which ensures the continuation of the history of Freddie Mercury concerned with Montreux.

He currently resides in the Czech Republic, where he is the official correspondent for OPERA, the monthly English publication. He travels to various events supporting AIDS causes and attending different international Queen Fan conventions. He spends time with aspiring singers in the Czech Republic, helping them with their English in performance.